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Architecture - Virtual Sketching

These sketches express my love for discovering new places. The means I use to discover them are both acting as a tourist and transforming the places through my sketches.


During the pandemic in 2020, at some point, it became increasingly difficult to sketch outside. This is when a great Urban Sketcher artist, Anne Rose Osterbaan came up with an idea:
to look up interesting spots on Google Street View and sketch them. She set up a group "Virtual Travel Sketch" with daily events, each time sketching a different city. She archived the group
in July 2020, but others took over.


I kept on doing virtual sketches as well as urban sketches (sketches done live, on location) because both had something unique to offer. Exploring places I didn't have the possibility to visit was and still is definitely appealing! 

I mostly used pen and watercolour, sometimes pen and ink and in case of the Quebec City image, it was drawn using crayons. 

If you would like to find out more or buy one or more sketches, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me at

Cape Town.jpg
Quebec, ville de Quebec.jpg
Porto, Torre dos Clerigos.jpg

Cape Town, South Africa


Quebec City, Canada


Porto, Portugal


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